Public invited to have their say on proposed owners corporations laws - News alert

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23 April 2019
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The community and stakeholders are invited to have their say on proposed reforms in the Owners Corporations and Other Acts Amendment Bill following the release of an Exposure Draft. 

The Bill has been developed following extensive industry and community consultation, and aims to streamline regulation of owners corporations and enhance protections for property owners.

It is estimated that more than 1.6 million Victorians own or live in properties managed by owners corporations, including apartments and townhouses.

The proposed reforms seek to make a range of amendments to the existing legislation, including:

  • enabling owners corporations to make rules controlling smoke drift between lots
  • prohibiting certain unfair terms in owners corporation management contracts, and providing the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal with the power to rule whether other terms are unfair
  • restricting ‘proxy farming’ and prohibiting contractual limitations on lot owners’ voting rights
  • strengthening the disqualification provisions of the current registration scheme for professional owners corporation managers, and
  • expanding the obligations of developers to the owners corporations they create, and extending their operation from the existing five years to 10 years. 

These reforms have been developed in response to issues raised by stakeholders during the Victorian Government’s Consumer Property Law Review.

The Bill represents an opportunity to update and modernise the Owners Corporations Act 2006, which has not been substantially reformed since it commenced in 2007.

Public submissions are open until 5pm, Friday 10 May 2019.

To view the draft and associated documents, and to find out how to make a submission, visit the Owners Corporations and Other Acts Amendment Bill – Exposure Draft consultation page.