Shaun Arendtz - Court action

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27 August 2012
Court actions

A Caroline Springs man has been fined $1500 for operating as an unlicensed motor car trader by advertising to sell cars on eBay.

Shaun Arendtz did not have a motor car trader’s licence when he offered to sell 10 cars, advertising them 13 times on eBay, between April and October 2011.

Under the Motor Car Traders Act 1986, anyone who carries on the business of trading in motor cars must be licensed to do so.

Under the Act, anyone who buys, sells or exchanges or offers to buy, sell or exchange, four or more cars in a 12-month period is deemed to be a motor car trader carrying on the business of trading in motor cars.

Sunshine Magistrates Court fined Mr Arendtz $1500, without conviction, and ordered that he pay $400 court costs.