Showbag scrutiny key to consumer safety - News alert

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3 September 2018
News alerts

By the time this year’s Royal Melbourne Show starts on 22 September, Consumer Affairs Victoria inspectors will have examined 400 showbags containing more than 2,600 items including toys, sunglasses, cosmetics and novelty goods.
Since the mid-1980s, we have worked with the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria to inspect showbags, assuring show-goers that their bags have been examined and meet safety standards.
This year’s inspection - of 341 showbags and counting - has uncovered eight items failing to meet either mandatory safety or information standards. One has been removed from sale and seven modified to meet relevant standards:

  • A cosmetic product was removed from sale for not complying with mandatory information standards by not including ingredients labelling
  • Two cosmetic products were modified to include ingredients labelling
  • Two toys for children under 36 months of age were modified so that they comply with the choking hazard requirements
  • Three projectile toys were modified so that they comply with warning label requirements.

It is unlawful to supply toys that do not meet mandatory safety and information standards under the Australian Consumer Law (Vic).
Our inspectors will be working across metropolitan and regional Victoria this show season as part of our state-wide inspection program, identifying and removing non-compliant and dangerous products from sale.