Travelling con men target eastern suburbs for second year in a row - News alert

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6 November 2017
News alerts

Roofing, driveway resurfacing, tree lopping and home maintenance were the common services offered by travelling con men in 2016-17.

We are warning Victorians to be on the look-out for travelling con men, in a joint campaign with Crime Stoppers Victoria that will run until February 2018.

In the last financial year, we received 207 reports of travelling con men who scammed residents out of $477,000 in total.

Monash, Whitehorse, Boroondara, Manningham and Ballarat were the hardest hit areas and also had the greatest increase in reports from the previous year.

Travelling con men are dodgy tradesmen who pressure home owners and small businesses into paying cash up front for services. Once they get the cash, they are gone - and if they have done any work, it is often unfinished or of a poor standard.

These con men will often only give you their first name and mobile number, and sometimes use flyers of legitimate businesses. All this makes finding them very difficult once they leave.

If you suspect a travelling con man is knocking on your door, tell them you are not interested and ask them to leave. If they do not leave, they are breaking the law.

If you are looking to have work done on or around your property, use established tradespeople who give you written quotes and if you are unsure, ask for their full name and registration or licence details, so you can check these with their industry authority.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates and reports on travelling con men. If you know of travelling con men in your area, record as much information as you can, such as their name and vehicle registration number, and report them to the National Travelling Con Men Hotline on 1300 133 408.

For more information, view our Travelling con men page.

Top 10 areas targeted Reports in 2015-16 Reports in 2016-17
Monash 14 21
Whitehorse 10 16
Boroondara 7 12
Manningham 4 8
Ballarat 2 8
Banyule 10 7
Moreland 2 7
Hume 4 6
Casey 3 5
Maroondah 1 5


Top six services offered Reports in 2015-16 Reports in 2016-17
Roofing 102 137
Driveway resurfacing 20 40
Tree lopping 20 21
Maintenance 1 5
Landscaping 0 1
Painting 1 0