Apply for approval - brothel managers

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Sex Work Service Providers and Brothel Managers – From Friday 1 December 2023, the sex work service provider licensing system administered by the BLA will cease. From 1 December, you will no longer require a licence to operate a sex work service provider business or approval to act as a brothel manager. You will also no longer have to maintain details or lodge annual statements with the BLA. For more information, view Decriminalising sex work in Victoria.

How to apply

Complete and lodge the Application for approval of manager of licensed brothel.

Note: Only the brothel manager named on the certificate can use the brothel manager's approval.

Non-approved brothel managers are liable for significant fines.


You must pay the relevant application fee before your application can be processed. The application fee must be paid at the time of application and is non-refundable. 

For more information on details of the current fees, view Fees and forms


You are automatically ineligible to be approved or act as a brothel manager if:

  • you are under 18 years of age; or
  • you are insolvent under administration (bankrupt); or
  • within the last 5 years you have had a sex work service provider's licence or equivalent cancelled in Victoria; or
  • you are a represented person under the Guardianship and Administration Act 1986 (where a guardian or administrator has been appointed).

You may also be ineligible if within the last five years, either as an individual or as a director or secretary of a company, or as an associate of a person or company, you have been convicted or found guilty of a disqualifying offence. For more information about associates, view Interests and associates - sex work service providers

For certain types of offences you can still apply for, and may be granted, approval if you apply for permission. For information about spent convictions, view Spent convictions

Criminal history record checks

Criminal history record checks are an integral part of the assessment of your eligibility or suitability. As part of your application you are asked to disclose whether you are the subject of any criminal charges still pending before a court, or whether you have been the subject of any criminal convictions or findings of guilt before a court.

You must submit a consent form and certified copies of the required identity documents as part of your application. For more information, view Records checks.

The correct documents, properly certified, will help your application avoid delays.

The BLA forwards your details to the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC), Australian police services or other law enforcement agencies, and you are asked to consent to these agencies:

  • disclosing criminal history information from their own records to the BLA
  • accessing the records of other law enforcement agencies, and obtaining criminal history information that in turn will be disclosed to the BLA.

ACIC will not disclose old conviction information relating to pardoned, quashed or spent convictions. Any disputes about the accuracy of the results will be referred to the ACIC. 

Providing incorrect information

It is a serious offence to knowingly make a false or misleading statement in relation to a registration application. Significant fines apply.

Repeal of the licensing system 

The sex work licensing system will be repealed in December 2023. After this time brothel managers will no longer be required to be approved by the BLA. 

More information is available at Decriminalising sex work in Victoria