Apply for permission - insolvent brothel managers

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You are not required to disclose any information in relation to a spent conviction to the Business Licensing Authority. Please review the Spent Convictions Act 2021 page on the Department of Justice and Community Safety website for more information. You should seek legal advice if you believe you have a conviction that may be a spent conviction.

If you believe you may need to apply for permission or otherwise have questions regarding your eligibility, please contact the Business Licensing Authority using the online BLA enquiry form.

If you are currently approved as a brothel manager and become insolvent under administration, your approval is automatically cancelled and you cannot manage a brothel. However, you can apply for permission to the Business Licensing Authority (BLA) to continue to manage a brothel. 

How to apply

Complete and lodge a Permission application - insolvent brothel manager (Word, 185KB).

Lodge these documents with your permission application:

There is a fee of $131.10 to lodge your application. For more information, view Fees and forms

After you lodge your application

You must not work as a brothel manager until your permission application is determined by the BLA. 

The BLA will assess your suitability to be granted permission. 

If the BLA is satisfied that any condition imposed has not been complied with, it may revoke the permission.