Update or renew your approval - brothel managers

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Update your details

You must keep your details up to date, including your phone number, email address and residential address.

To update your details, email changes to the Business Licensing Authority (BLA) using the BLA enquiry form on the BLA page or call 1300 135 452.

An approved brothel manager can work for multiple sex work service providers. However, each time you start and cease employment in a brothel business, you must email the BLA using the BLA enquiry form.

Renew your approval

A brothel manager approval is valid for three years from the day it is approved.

The BLA will send a renewal reminder to your postal address five months before your approval is due to expire. 

You can renew your brothel manager approval by completing and lodging the Application for approval of manager of licensed brothel (Word, 93KB)

Lodgement details are on the form.

The sex work licensing system will be repealed in December 2023. After this time brothel managers will no longer be required to be approved by the BLA. More information is available at Decriminalising sex work in Victoria

Cancellation of brothel manager approval

Your approval is automatically cancelled if you:

  • are found guilty of a drug-related or other serious criminal offence
  • become insolvent and do not get permission from the BLA to continue as a brothel manager
  • fail to renew your approval (approvals are valid for three years).