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Six engaging claymation clips that support activities in Unit 7 of Consumer Stuff For Kids (PDF, 6.6MB).

The Wacky Tales characters explore consumer issues, valuing yourself, being resilient and making SMART decisions.

Scenario 1: The Grapple

Video transcript: The Grapple (Word, 25KB)

Snacky gets help from his friends after making mistakes about how to spend his money properly.

Scenario 2: The Screen

Video transcript: The Screen (Word, 26KB)

Backy loses 'connection' with the important things in life.

Scenario 3: The Money Box

Video transcript: The Money Box (Word, 29KB)

Wacky learns his lesson on the importance of thinking SMART and saving properly. (See if you can find Jacky's punctuation mistake!)

Scenario 4: The Dinosaur

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Video transcript: The Cake Contest (Word, 30KB)

Wacky and Jacky take on the champions in the annual cake cooking contest. Will they drop out or 'have a go'?

Scenario 6: The Party

Video transcript: The Party (Word, 27KB)

Bluebell wants to organise a special event. What do you think it is? Never underestimate your value to others!