Consumer Stuff Film Fest 2014 winning entries

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First prize – Shopping rights category

Where's my refund?

Created by Tia, Emmison and Emily from The Peninsula School, Mt Eliza.

In Where's My Refund? a consumer, unhappy with her purchase of a faulty product, seeks a refund.

To learn more about your shopping rights, visit our Shopping section.

Video transcript: Where's My Refund? (Word, 26KB)

First prize - Scams category

Detective Rhymesalot

Created by Megha, Madeleine and Jennifer from Gilson College, Taylors Hill.

Detective Rhymesalot illustrates a range of different scams and scamming methods, with potential victims steered in the right direction by the savvy detective.

For advice on scams, visit our Scams section