Second hand items - refunds

Your refund rights

When buying from a store or seller (including a business online), you have the same legal refund rights with second-hand items as you would with a new item.

However, you cannot claim a refund for problems that:

  • the store or seller told you about
  • you should have noticed when examining the item
  • were indicated in photos or the item description on the website.


Kara buys a second-hand necklace from a vintage store on eBay. The photos clearly show the necklace has surface scratches. Kara cannot claim a refund, repair or replacement for the surface scratches. However, she can do so if another fault develops, such as the clasp breaking.

You must also take into account the item’s age, price and condition.


Leticia buys a second-hand washing machine for $250. The store said it was two years old and in good condition but it breaks down after two months. Considering the age, price and condition of the machine, it was reasonable for Leticia to expect it to work for more than two months. She may be entitled to a refund.

Next steps

If there is a problem with your product, or if you are having a dispute with the store or seller, view our Resolve your problem or complaint page.

Last updated: 06/09/2016

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