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  • Clubs and fundraising

    Register, update, manage, or search for an incorporated association, fundraiser, or patriotic fund

  • Fundraisers

    Register, search, responsibilities, fees, forms and fines.

  • Charities

    A new approach is being introduced shortly to streamline the registration and reporting requirements for charities that conduct fundraising in Victoria.

  • Fundraiser responsibilities

    Information on bookkeeping and financial records for fundraisers and charities, including completing annual returns. Also how to change or renew registration details for a fundraiser and when you have to notify us of these changes.

  • Fundraising beneficiaries

    Information on how to nominate beneficiaries of your fundraising. Sets out how commercial or paid fundraisers should name their beneficiary.

  • Conditions on fundraising registration

    Information on conditions we may place on fundraiser registration, depending, for example, on how much of the money raised will be donated to the beneficiary.


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