Licensing and registration

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  • About myCAV

    About myCAV - Registration and licensing

    myCAV is our online system which lets businesses manage their licensing and registration obligations.

  • Automatic mutual recognition

    Automatic mutual recognition

    Information for people with an occupational licence or registration in another Australian state or territory who wish to work in Victoria.

  • Builders and tradespeople

    Builders and tradespeople

    Resources for builders and tradespeople in Victoria, including forms, checklists and information on resolving disputes.

  • Caravan and residential park operators

    Caravan and residential park operators

    Information for caravan and residential park operators in Victoria, including the laws that apply to different residency types.

  • Conveyancers


    Information for conveyancers on becoming licensed, maintaining a licence and meeting obligations.

  • Co operatives


    Co-operatives are organisations run by members for shared benefit. Learn how to set up and run a co-operative.

  • Debt collectors

    Debt collectors

    Information for debt collectors in Victoria, including becoming a debt collector, fair practices, restrictions and penalties.

  • Estate agents

    Estate agents

    How to become licensed, manage your details online and meet your obligations as an estate agent in Victoria.

  • Funeral providers

    Funeral providers

    See the requirements for registering a funeral business, business obligations and the public register.

  • Introduction agents

    Introduction agents

    Information on becoming an introduction agent, running your business, restrictions and penalties.

  • Limited partnerships

    Limited partnerships

    Register a limited partnership or change registration details.

  • Motor car traders

    Motor car traders

    Become a licensed motor car trader (LMCGT) and learn your obligations when selling motor vehicles.

  • Owners corporation managers

    Owners corporation managers

    How to register as a professional owners corporation manager, maintain your registration and operate your business.

  • Professional engineers

    Professional engineers

    Information for professional engineers about the registration scheme that commenced on 1 July 2021.

  • Rooming house operators

    Rooming house operators

    How to apply for a rooming house operator's license and comply with your obligations.

  • Second hand dealers and pawnbrokers

    Second-hand dealers and pawnbrokers

    Information for second-hand dealers and pawnbrokers including registration, annual statements, forms and fees.

  • Travel agents

    Travel agents

    Information for travel agents in Victoria, including accreditation and complying with the Australian Consumer Law.