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What is myCAV?

myCAV is our online system which lets businesses manage their licensing and registration obligations, without needing to print and post paper forms.

Create or sign-in to your myCAV account

Important note: Incorporated associations must use our Sign in/Create a myCAV account page.

These licensed and registered business schemes must use myCAV:

  • Estate agents
  • Retirement village operators
  • Rooming house operators.

To start using myCAV, you must create your own myCAV account.

To do so, you will need a personal email address to verify your identity and sign in. Your email address and password will form your unique, secure access to the myCAV system.

Once you create your account, you can update your personal details, including email address, password and security questions at any time.

For more information, view our video: how to create a myCAV account, below.

Create or sign-in to your myCAV account​

What can I do in myCAV?

myCAV simplifies and speeds up tasks, such as:

  • applying for a licence/registration
  • renewing your licence/registration
  • updating your licence/registration and business details
  • lodging annual statement (if required).

myCAV also allows you to monitor the progress of your transactions and receive and respond to communications in a secure environment.

Note: By creating a myCAV account you consent to giving and receiving information by electronic communication.

Example of myCAV home page

Example myCAV home page ('dashboard'). Full description follows image.


This myCAV dashboard screen displays your myCAV account details.

The top left-hand section, called 'We know you as', displays your registered roles within myCAV. You can review and edit this section.

The top right-hand section, called 'Notifications and alerts', displays important messages from Consumer Affairs Victoria and the Business Licensing Authority.

The bottom right-hand section, called 'Transactions in progress' and 'Transaction history', displays transactions you have drafted or submitted and those already processed.

The bottom left-hand section, called 'Licences and registrations', displays your current licences and/or registrations.

Video: How to create a myCAV account


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How to create a myCAV account