About us

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Consumer Affairs Victoria is Victoria's consumer regulator.


  • provide information to business, consumers, landlords and tenants about their rights and responsibilities
  • register and licence organisations and occupations
  • enforce compliance with consumer laws, and
  • review and advise government about Victoria's consumer protection framework.

Our vision is for a fair and competitive Victorian marketplace.

Our values include acting with integrity, serving the community and respecting other people.

Our goals include that businesses comply with consumer laws, Victorians exercise their consumer rights, fair and safe residential tenancies, and a modern and effective consumer law framework.

Our regulatory priorities include:

  • removing unsafe products from sale
  • stopping real estate agent underquoting
  • safeguarding trust monies held by estate agents
  • ensuring compliance with domestic building contracts laws
  • raising community awareness of scams and travelling con men, and
  • ensuring rooming houses meet minimum standards.

We have 10 priority projects to improve the way we do our work, including:

  • reviewing residential tenancy and consumer property laws
  • reforming Victoria's domestic building dispute resolution system
  • licensing rooming house operators
  • improving support for vulnerable and disadvantaged Victorians
  • delivering on a roadmap to rationalise and modernise our Information Communication Technology (ICT) systems
  • support our digital-first approach to service delivery, and embedding a risk-based, evidence-based and outcomes-focused approach across our regulatory functions. 

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