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  • Unlicensed motor car trading

    Explains how Consumer Affairs Victoria deals with unlicensed motor car traders, educates traders, and how to dob in an unlicensed trader.

  • Debt collectors

    Information for debt collectors in Victoria, including becoming a debt collector, fair practices, restrictions and penalties.

  • Selling a car

    New and used cars, trade-ins, private sales, auctions, auto parts recyclers, roadworthy and registration

  • Associates - motor car traders

    When you apply for a motor car trader licence, the Business Licensing Authority will ask you for information about your ‘associates’ to determine if you (or your company) are ‘fit and proper’ to hold a licence.

  • Motor car auction house guidelines

    Explains motor car traders' obligations when selling vehicles at auction, including what traders need to do to clearly separate auction from retail sales.


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