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  • Rent-to-buy

    Information for Victorian consumers who are thinking of buying a used car through a rent-to-buy arrangement.

  • Ways to buy a used car

    Information for Victorian consumers on ways to buy a used car: includes buying from a licensed trader, private seller, online, auction, broker, rent-to-buy.

  • Buying a new car

    Before you buy, ‘drive away price’, additional fees, pre-delivery check, cooling-off, warranties, leasing, costs

  • Buying a used car

    Get the facts before you buy, ways to buy, fees, charges, cooling-off period, warranties, running costs, depreciation

  • Determining the age of the car

    Information on how to determine the age of a car by using the cars build plate. Also explains the role of the compliance plate.

  • Buying a used car online

    Information for Victorian consumers about buying a used car online. Includes details about online car scams.

  • Buying a used car at auction

    Information for Victorian consumers about buying a used car at auction. Includes warranty and cooling-off rights, roadworthy, bidding rules.


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