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  • Online shopping

    Online, private sellers, Australian or overseas businesses, safety tips, group buying and daily deals, penny auctions

  • Door-to-door sales

    Information about door-to-door sales, laws, permitted hours, and cooling off or cancelling a door-to-door sales agreement.

  • Parallel imports

    Information and advice about buying and selling parallel imports.

  • Lay-bys

    Information about lay-by agreements between consumers and suppliers.

  • Solar energy

    Information for Victorians on researching and buying a solar energy system, feed-in tariffs and solar credits.

  • Rent calculator

    Use our online tool to work out rent per day, week, fortnight, calendar month, 6-month period or year.

  • Compensation claims - property

    How to make a claim for compensation from the Victorian Property Fund following misappropriation by an estate agent or conveyancer.


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