Response from Acting Director, Consumer Affairs Victoria to Statement of expectations 2013-14 - reducing red tape

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Hon. Heidi Victoria MP
Minister for Consumer Affairs
Level 6, 2 Kavanagh Street
Southbank Victoria 3006

Dear Minister


On 19 March 2013, Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) received your Statement of Expectations. The Statement communicated your expectations of Consumer Affairs Victoria’s contribution to the government's economic strategy, Securing Victoria's Economy - Planning, Building, Delivering for implementing best practice performance standards and ensuring timely, efficient, proportionate and appropriately risk-based regulatory enforcement.

CAV has and will continue to focus its efforts to deliver against the broad objectives for red tape reduction as you noted:

  1. Continue to modernise and simplify legislation to reduce red tape
  2. Reduce the costs associated with compliance for businesses
  3. Reduce the costs of licensing and registration for businesses and not for profit organisations
  4. Reduce dispute management costs for businesses and landlords.

CAV has incorporated the eight initiatives as noted in your letter into its corporate plan to ensure we deliver the red tape reductions as directed in your Statement. I have attached to this letter a report setting out a detailed description of these initiatives. We will also continue to identify other areas to reduce the red tape burden as appropriate. In implementing these measures, CAV will consult with relevant stakeholders in industry, the community and other government agencies. CAV will report its progress against your targets in our Annual Report.

CAV is proud of our record to date in refocusing on service delivery to better serve consumers and businesses.

In line with the Victorian Government’s commitment to an ongoing reduction in the administrative burden of regulation, CAV will continue to identify and implement burden reduction initiatives.

Yours sincerely

Phil D’Adamo
Acting Director
Consumer Affairs Victoria