Strategic Plan 2023-26

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Foreword - Minister for Consumer Affairs

In a constantly changing world, it is critical that the rights of Victorian consumers and renters are protected, and they have the information and support they need to navigate complex markets and choices.

The Victorian Government is committed to creating a fair playing field for Victorian consumers and businesses, and renters and rental providers. Victoria is leading the nation in protections for consumers and renters, but there’s always more we can do.

That’s why we recently released Victoria’s Housing Statement, an ambitious plan to tackle housing supply and affordability. Under the Housing Statement, we will close loopholes that drive up costs and undermine a fair deal for renters and home buyers.

It’s also critical that these protections are accessible, understood and can be enforced. Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) plays a central role in this work to protect and support Victorians, and ensure they have access to the information they need.

Empowering people with knowledge and information enables them to exercise their rights to make sound decisions, and supports them to manage cost of living pressures. For Victorians who may experience particular vulnerability in the marketplace, the work of CAV ensures that additional support and advocacy is available.

It is important that CAV continues to deliver services that are inclusive, accessible and easy to use, for all Victorians. Harnessing digital technologies will make it easier for consumers to get the information they need, and for the businesses, organisations and people CAV regulates to fulfill their obligations.

Looking ahead, CAV’s 2023–26 Strategic Plan will guide its efforts. By meeting these priorities, CAV will continue to make a real difference in the lives of Victorians.

I look forward to CAV’s work achieving continued benefits for the community.

Gabrielle Williams MP
Minster for Consumer Affairs

Foreword - Director, Consumer Affairs Victoria

I am pleased to introduce the 2023-26 Strategic Plan for Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV).

As the Victorian regulator of the Australian Consumer Law, residential tenancies, and multiple industry sectors, CAV has a broad and complex remit.

Given the scope of our work, we must be clear on our key goals and prioritise our resources to ensure we deliver the greatest benefit.

Our Strategic Plan details the key focus areas where we will direct our efforts, the benefits we want to achieve for the Victorian community, and the pathways we will take to get there.

The contribution of every CAV staff member, and our strong relationships and collaboration with government partners, industry and community stakeholders will help us achieve our vision of a fair, safe and competitive marketplace in Victoria.

Nicole Rich
Director, Consumer Affairs Victoria

Our vision is for a fair, safe and competitive marketplace in Victoria

Outcomes, outcome indicators, strategic directions and key focus areas - all listed in text below

Victorians exercise their consumer rights

Consumers, renters, residents and community groups can find, understand and use our information; we focus support and advocacy on the people who need it most.

Business and rental providers do the right thing

Businesses and rental providers understand and comply with their obligations with easy-to-use information and services.

CAV is a trusted regulator

We demonstrate a clear purpose, responsiveness and accountability, and take decisive action.

Outcome indicators 

  • Increased confidence of consumers and renters in exercising their rights
  • Decreased response time to address serious non-compliance
  • Increased stakeholder confidence in CAV as a regulator
  • Increased staff satisfaction and engagement
  • Supporting Victorians, especially those experiencing vulnerability, through inclusive and accessible services
  • Harnessing digital technologies to improve our services and make the most of our data and resources for the community
  • Better engagement to understand and serve our communities

We will:

  • be clear about what services we provide and prioritise Victorians experiencing vulnerability
  • prioritise timely compliance and enforcement responses to practices presenting the most serious risk of harm
  • ensure accessible, easier and faster systems and services for consumers, businesses and organisations
  • deliver genuinely helpful and responsive services to meet differing needs in the community, including that our services are culturally safe for Aboriginal people and community
  • improve how we listen and engage to better understand where consumer rights are under threat, and how we can do better
  • set and report on measurable outcomes for our work to ensure we are accountable for the impact of our activities
  • build our capacity to provide timely consumer and renting support to communities impacted by emergencies
  • communicate regularly about our work and what we are seeing in the marketplace and community
  • foster a work culture that is safe, respectful, diverse and inclusive and that supports our people to do their jobs well.