Organisational structure

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We currently employ the following structure to carry out our role as Victoria's consumer affairs regulator.

Simon Cohen

Samuel Jenkin
Director, Information Services

Tammy Fitzgerald
General Manager, Information and Dispute Services Centre

Roz Howe
General Manager, Education and Online Services

Joseph Walker
General Manager, Funded Services

David Joyner
Director, Regulatory Services

Steven Scodella
Acting Assistant Director, Regulatory Transaction Centre

Andrea Mapp
Acting General Manager, Legal Services

Albert Gardner
General Manager, Compliance and Enforcement

Laura Gardner
Acting General Manager, Information and Analysis

Dr Elizabeth Lanyon
Director, Policy and Corporate Services

Kerin Turner
Chief Legislation Officer

Gina Papas
Acting Chief Policy Officer

John Symeopoulos
General Manager, Residential Tenancies Bond Authority

Chris Balfour
General Manager, Corporate Support

Michelle Osborne
General Manager, Strategy and Governance