Areas of legal advice from the Legal Advice Workers Line – Financial Counselling Program

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Financial Counsellors can call on 03 9602 3326.

Area of law

Areas of assistance and expertise

Dispute resolution forums such as Ombudsman Schemes, Tribunals and Courts

Practical advice, tactics and strategy about disputes in the Australian Financial Complaints Authority, Telecommunications Ombudsman, Energy and Water Ombudsman, VCAT and Courts.

Fair trading issues

  • Door to door sales and cold calling
  • High pressure sales
  • Misleading conduct
  • Unfair contract terms
  • Unconscionable conduct

Faulty, defective or unsafe goods and services

Interpretation and use of the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) and other consumer laws such as the Motor Car Traders Act

Credit provided for consumer purposes

  • Responsible lending or over commitment
  • Disclosure and notices required to be provided by creditors
  • Pay day loans
  • Reverse mortgages
  • Vendor terms contracts
  • Consumer credit insurance
  • Pawnbroking contracts
  • Repossession of goods (such as cars)

Consumer leases

  • Responsible lending
  • Unjust leases
  • Unfair termination fees

Banking and financial services

  • Bank fees
  • Direct debits
  • Unauthorised transactions
  • Mortgage default
  • Mortgage brokers


Consumer credit insurance


  • Unfair termination fees
  • Over-commitment
  • Exiting contracts
  • High bills

Energy and water

  • Hardship
  • Overcharging, undercharging and adjusted bills
  • Debt collection

Debt collection and Debt recovery process through Courts

  • Harassment by a debt collector
  • Prohibited debt collection practices
  • Legal debt recovery procedure including court procedure such as default judgment, instalment orders

Bankruptcy and debt agreements

  • Court procedure
  • Other general advice

For profit financial difficulty business

  • Budget management services
  • Credit repair

Credit reporting

  • Defaults
  • Repayment history information

Motor car disputes

  • Defective cars
  • Statutory warranty
  • Motor Car Trader Guarantee fund Claims

Public transport infringements

Basic advice