Tenancy Assistance and Advocacy Program

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The Tenancy Assistance and Advocacy Program (TAAP) 2021-24 is funded by Consumer Affairs Victoria and provided by community agencies across 17 service areas.

What is the TAAP?

The TAAP agencies help Victorian renters in a private rental agreement, to understand their renting rights and obligations and resolve renting disputes. The agencies provide a range of services, including information and referral to other services, negotiation with rental providers or real estate agents, and assistance in preparing for and attending hearings at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).

Who is eligible for TAAP services?

TAAP services are available to Victorian residential renters who are financially disadvantaged or experiencing family violence.

The term 'renter' refers to:

  • renters with private residential rental agreements
  • rooming house residents
  • residential park and caravan park residents.

TAAP can assist a range of financially disadvantaged renters, such as those:

  • on a Centrelink benefit
  • with no income
  • with insufficient income to sustain personal financial commitments and who have defaulted on paying rent, utility bills or other personal debts.

TAAP services are also available to those experiencing family violence, regardless of their financial circumstances, because family violence can quickly impact a renter's housing situation.

How to get help

For a list of community agencies that provide TAAP services in your area, view Tenancy Assistance and Advocacy Program providers 2021-24.