Acknowledgement and publicity guidelines - government funding support

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1. Guidelines for acknowledging the government’s funding support in promotions, media and other forms of publicity

A condition of funding by the Department of Justice and Community Safety (the department) for services or project activity is that recipients must agree to follow the department’s guidelines for acknowledging the government’s funding.

The practical application of the guidelines will take into account the size, nature and purpose of the communications, and the context of the occasion. Reasonable variations or exemptions to the government’s requirements may be made on a case-by-case basis in advance, with the agreement of the department’s representative. Aligning with the Victorian Government Branding Policy, funding acknowledgement guidelines are provided below.

2. Keeping the funding confidential

You may be required to keep the funding confidential until a public announcement is made.

Once approved, many grants remain highly confidential until the relevant minister or their representative has publicly announced that funding has been approved. If that applies to a service or project activity your organisation has been funded for, you will have been advised of this in writing at the time that you were offered funding.

The department is responsible for coordinating participation by the minister or their representative.

You can expect that the department and/or the minister’s office will contact your organisation to make arrangements for the announcement. If you are aware of any upcoming events that might provide a good opportunity to make the announcement, you should contact the department. Ensure the department’s representative is notified well in advance of any public announcements.

3. Government representative opportunities

You must give the government’s representative an opportunity to open or launch the funded service or project activity, and invite them to events.

If your organisation will launch the service or project activity at a public event or similar, you must give the relevant minister the opportunity to officially open or launch the service or project activity.

You must also invite the department and the minister to all significant events associated with the service or project activity. If you are unsure whether an event is considered as a significant event, please discuss this with the department’s representative.

You will need to give adequate notice (the department recommends at least two months’ lead time, if possible) and work with the department to coordinate the minister’s and his or her representative’s role in an opening or launch, or their attendance at events.

4. Printed and verbal acknowledgement

You must acknowledge the government’s funding support in published or printed materials, speeches or other forms of presentations.

The Victorian Government’s funding support and key messages about the funding program (if there are any) should be acknowledged:

  • in speeches and presentations about the service or project activity
  • in press releases
  • in relevant job advertisements where appropriate (check with your department’s representative)
  • on documents, publications, reports, brochures, posters, flyers and the like. The government should also be given the opportunity to contribute a sponsor’s message for any relevant publication. The department will endeavour to provide any sponsor message to you promptly so that it does not hold up the production process.
  • on websites; websites primarily developed with the government’s funding support should also include a link to the Department of Justice and Community Safety website.

Guidance on the Victorian Government logo use and key statements to be used are included in these Guidelines.

5. Capital projects acknowledgement

For capital projects, the government’s funding support is to be acknowledged on signage.

The Victorian Government logo is to be displayed on:

  • temporary signs erected while the work is being done.
  • permanent signage, such as a plaque.

Please refer to the Victorian Government Branding and Authorisation Guidelines on the Department of Premier and Cabinet website for specific requirements.

Please forward draft mock-ups of all signage featuring the Victorian Government logo to your department’s representative who will confirm with the Strategic Communication Branch that it meets design requirements.

6. Victorian Government key statement for publishing or printing

You must use the following funding acknowledgement statement in published or printed materials associated with the funded service or project activity.

The [Name of service/project] was/were supported by the Victorian Government.”

Specific acknowledgement wording and logos

For some grant funding, specific acknowledgement wording must be used. Please consult with your department’s representative to determine whether particular wording is applicable for your organisation’s grant funding.

Additionally, for some grant funding, specific shields and emblems must be used. Please consult with your department’s representative to determine whether particular logos are applicable for your organisation’s grant funding.

7. Victorian Government logo for publishing or printing and signage

You must use the Victorian Government’s logo in all published or printed materials or signage associated with the funding service or project activity.

The logo to use is shown below. There are variations on how the logo is to be used depending on what your organisation is publishing or printing. It cannot be altered without permission.

Victoria State Government logo

Please contact your department’s representative for a high-resolution version of the logo in the format required and provide drafts of publications or signage featuring the Victorian Government logo to your department’s representative who will confirm with the Strategic Communication Branch that it meets design requirements, prior to final production.

8. Department signage at events

The department’s signs or banners are to be prominently displayed at all openings, launches and events supported by or associated with government funding support.

Department signs and banners can be borrowed from the department. For further information on the process to borrow departmental banners and signs, please consult your department’s representative. Banners are available from the Strategic Communication Branch Events team. Your organisation is responsible for organising their collection and prompt return, with the assistance of the department’s representative.

9. Reporting on acknowledgement of the government’s funding support

You may need to provide details of how the government’s funding support was/is being acknowledged.

The department will request this information as part of your reporting template or instructions in relation to the funded project or service activity.

10. Exemptions and variations

In some instances, given the nature or context of the publication or publicity in question, the strict application of some guidelines may not be appropriate. In such cases reasonable variations or exemptions to specific requirements can be negotiated in advance with the department’s representative.

Examples of occasions where such variations or exemptions may be required include:

  • where the size of a document (e.g. a wallet info card or DL flyer) contains insufficient room to include a sponsor’s message (an abbreviated funding acknowledgement may suffice).
  • when peak organisations or advocacy organisations (i.e. those that engage in lobbying on behalf of stakeholders) hold sector events such as policy round tables, stakeholder meetings or training events where government attendance is likely to unreasonably inhibit candid discussion.
  • when an advocacy organisation:
    • makes public speeches or provides interviews on television or radio
    • holds protest rallies, produces or launches research papers, reports, or other policy-related documents, or
    • produces media releases or promotional materials such as brochures, posters or flyers that are critical of third parties or which question industry practices and government policies.
  • in circumstances where a strict application of these guidelines could cast reasonable doubt on the independence of the organisation, or is likely to give rise to an inappropriate impression that the government endorses the views or opinions of the organisation.

If you consider a variation or exemption will be required, you should contact your department’s representative who will check with the Strategic Communication Branch.

11. Further information

Your department’s representative will help you obtain Victorian Government logos, key messages and other communication tools and templates that will help you promote your Victorian Government funded program or project.

If you have any questions or need to clarify details please contact the department’s representative named in your funding agreement.