Environmentally sustainable housing funding round 2017-18

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About the environmentally sustainable housing funding round

The Victorian Property Fund (VPF) grants program is holding a two-stage funding round to support Registered Housing Agencies carry out projects that will improve the environmental sustainability of their social housing properties.

The process involves:

  • an invitation for expression of interest (IEOI) process, where eligible Registered Housing Agencies are invited to put forward project funding opportunities for initial assessment; and
  • a formal grant application process, where those respondents with shortlisted proposals are invited to formally apply for a VPF grant.

For more information on funding round requirements and conditions, including how to submit a response to the IEOI, see the following documents:

You should read and consider all the documents thoroughly before submitting a response.

How much funding is available?

$1.5 million has been reserved for grants for improvement projects that can be completed by April 2019. Competition for this funding is expected to be strong.

Who should respond?

Eligibility to participate in the 2017-18 Program is limited to:

  • Registered Housing Associations, and
  • Registered Housing Providers that own or manage at least 250 Victorian social housing properties.

Subject to CAV's prior approval, Registered Housing Providers with smaller portfolios may also participate in the IEOI process provided they partner with one or more other Registered Housing Agencies, and together these organisations submit a proposal seeking co-funding of at least $200,000 (ex GST).

You can ask for further clarification before the end of the clarification period specified below by email to vpf.grant.enquiries@justice.vic.gov.au with reference “(Your organisation’s name) – Clarification Request”.

Key dates for the expression of interest stage

Stage  Date 
Response submission period 5 February to 23 March 2018
End of clarification period 9 March 2018 
Response closing time and date 5:00pm on Friday 23 March 2018 
Response evaluation period 26 March to 16 April 2018 
Respondents notified whether their response is shortlisted 16 April 2018 

Grant application stage

After the expression of interest stage is completed, we intend to invite those respondents whose proposals were shortlisted to apply for a VPF grant.

All grant applications will be formally evaluated, with independent recommendations made to the Minister for Consumer Affairs by us and the Estate Agents Council. The awarding of grants is at the sole discretion of the Minister.

The expected dates for the grant application stage are:

Stage  Date 
Issuing of invitations to apply for grants  16 April 2018 
Grant application closing date  5:00pm on Friday 20 April 2018 
Ministerial decisions on applications  May 2018 
Execution of funding agreements  May/June 2018 

Registration of interest

If you wish to receive notices about the funding round, register by sending an email to vpf.grant.enquiries@justice.vic.gov.au with reference “(Your organisation’s name) – Registration for Environmentally Sustainable Housing Funding Round”.