Environmentally sustainable housing funding round 2017-18

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About the environmentally sustainable housing funding round

In 2018, the Victorian Property Fund (VPF) grants program held a two-stage funding round to support Registered Housing Agencies carry out projects that improve the environmental sustainability of their social housing properties.

The process involved:

  • an invitation for an expression of interest (IEOI) process, where eligible Registered Housing Agencies were invited to put forward project funding opportunities for initial assessment; and
  • a formal grant application process, where those respondents with shortlisted proposals were invited to formally apply for a VPF grant.

For more information on funding round requirements and conditions, see the following documents:

How much funding was available?

$1.5 million was reserved for grants for improvement projects that could be completed by April 2019.

Who was eligible for consideration?

The IEOI was limited to:

  • Registered Housing Associations, and
  • Registered Housing Providers that own or manage at least 250 Victorian social housing properties.

Subject to prior approval by Consumer Affairs Victoria, Registered Housing Providers with smaller portfolios were also eligible to participate in the IEOI process provided they partnered with one or more other Registered Housing Agencies, and together these organisations submitted a proposal seeking co-funding of at least $200,000 (excluding GST). 

Grant application stage

After the expression of interest stage was completed, we shortlisted applications and invited shortlisted respondents to apply for a VPF grant.

We and the Estate Agents Council formally evaluated all grant applications and made independent recommendations to the Minister for Consumer Affairs. The awarding of grants was at the sole discretion of the Minister.

Successful applicants

The successful applicants are included in the funded grants table below

Grant recipient for Environmentally sustainable improvement project Value approved (excluding GST)
Unison Housing Ltd $230,000
Community Housing (Vic) Ltd $256,000
Housing Choices Australia $177,512
South Port Community Housing $95,000
South East Housing Cooperative $518,505

Outcome report and case studies

For further information on the outcome of the VPF environmentally sustainable funding round, including lessons and tips for community housing organisations, please see the outcome report and case studies produced by the Community Housing Industry Association of Victoria

Case studies (PDFs)