Rental Stress Support Package

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The Victorian Government is undertaking a $2 million funding round to deliver the Rental Stress Support Package, announced in the Housing Statement.

Funding will help address the high demand for rental assistance that organisations who work to prevent homelessness and help renters stay in their homes are seeing, while the Government works to boost social, affordable and market housing supply across the state.

Not-for-profit community service organisations with significant experience in delivering renting services such as information and advice, advocacy and legal assistance are invited to submit expressions of interest to deliver integrated and innovative responses to help renters.

About the funding round

The funding round is a two-stage process that includes:

  • an expression of interest (EOI) process, where eligible respondents are invited to put forward proposals for initial assessment; and
  • a formal grant application process, where respondents with shortlisted proposals are invited to formally apply for a grant.

For more information on funding round requirements and conditions, including how to submit a response to the IEOI, see the following documents:

You should read and consider all the documents thoroughly before submitting a response.

How much funding is available?

$2 million has been reserved for grants commencing in 2024.

Who should respond?

Incorporated not-for-profit community service organisations that have significant experience in delivering renting services such as information and advice, advocacy and legal assistance, can respond to the IEOI.

Responses should not be made by:

  • for-profit organisations
  • state or federal government departments or agencies
  • churches or religious organisations
  • local councils.

You can ask for further clarification before the end of the clarification period specified below by email to with reference “(Your organisation’s name) – Clarification request".

Key dates for the expression of interest stage

Expressions of interest submission period 17 November to 8 December 2023
End of clarification period
30 November 2023
Response closing time and date
4.00pm, 8 December 2023
Response evaluation period
11 December - 18 December 2023
Respondents notified whether their response is shortlisted
19 December 2023

Grant application stage

After the expression of interest stage is completed, we will invite respondents whose proposals were shortlisted to apply for a grant.

All grant applications will be formally evaluated, with independent recommendations made to the Minister for Consumer Affairs by the department and the Estate Agents Council. The awarding of grants is at the sole discretion of the Minister.

The expected dates for the grant application stage are:

Issuing of invitations to apply for grants 19 December 2023
Grant application closing date
4.00pm, 25 January 2024
Grant application evaluation period
January - February 2024
Ministerial decisions on applications
March 2024
Execution of funding agreements
March/April 2024