Fundraiser roles

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Appeal manager

An appeal manager is any person who has managerial or financial responsibility for the fundraiser. All fundraisers must nominate at least one appeal manager.


Any other person who is able or will be able to have significant influence over the management or operation of the fundraiser. List ALL people who are concerned in the management of your organisation or who have influence over the fundraiser. This includes all:

  • directors
  • club or company secretary
  • board members, or
  • committee members.

Please note: if ALL Associates are not added in myCAV, we may not be able to process your application or renewal.

Public contact person

All fundraisers must nominate one person as the public contact person.

A public contact person may be contacted by members of the public in relation to the fundraiser. The public contact person's contact details will be displayed on the public register.

Fundraiser responsible person

The fundraiser responsible person will be responsible for maintaining the fundraiser's details via myCAV and will receive all communications sent to the fundraiser from Consumer Affairs Victoria.

For incorporated associations, this person will also be the designated person.

For associations incorporated outside Victoria, this person must be a member of the association’s governing body.


A person or group who will receive money or other benefits from your fundraising activities. For more information, view Fundraising beneficiaries.