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What is myCAV?

myCAV is our online system that lets incorporated associations manage their obligations, such as updating contact details and lodging annual statements.

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  • All incorporated associations must now use myCAV to become incorporated associations, lodge annual statements and undertake all transactions and notifications of change.
  • The secretary (or delegate) will need to create their own individual myCAV account to use the system. The secretary's individual myCAV account can then be linked to their incorporated association.
  • To create your myCAV account, you will need a personal email address (not your club/association email address) to verify your identity and sign in to your account.

Create / sign in to your myCAV account

What can I do on myCAV?

myCAV simplifies administration tasks and is a quick and easy way to:

Key benefits of myCAV

These include:

  • immediate acknowledgement of registration for new associations
  • instant emails with attached documents, such as your certificate of incorporation
  • free downloads of additional copies of the certificate of incorporation and copies of your association's rules
  • greater self-sufficiency for associations to update and change details
  • simple processes designed to help associations meet their obligations
  • one place to keep track of records and transactions.

Note: By creating a myCAV account you consent to give and receive information by electronic communication.

More help


You can view videos explaining how to use myCAV and become an incorporated association using myCAV on our myCAV videos for incorporated associations page.

Frequently asked questions

For more information about myCAV, view our Frequently asked questions about myCAV page.

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For information in other languages about myCAV, view our Other languages section.