Membership - incorporated associations

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Register of members

Your association must keep and maintain a register of members. The register must contain the:

  • person's name and address
  • class of membership, if applicable (for example, voting or non-voting)
  • date the person became a member.

If a person ends their membership:

  • the date they stopped being a member must be entered in the register within 14 days
  • all other information about that person (other than their name and date they stopped being a member) must be removed from the register within 14 days.

Inspecting the register

If asked, your association must allow a member, at a reasonable time, to inspect the register. However, there may be some restrictions. For details, view the Restricting access to personal information section on this page.

Using information from the register

A person may use or disclose information obtained from the register if it is:

  • directly related to your association’s management or purposes, and
  • allowed in the rules.

In any other case, a person cannot use the contact details obtained through the register to contact them, or pass on that information knowing it is likely to be used to contact them.

For example, a person cannot use details from the register to contact members about a new business they are operating.

Restricting access to personal information

A person may ask the secretary to restrict access to their details in certain circumstances. For example, they:

  • have been granted a family violence or personal safety intervention order, or
  • belong to an association that includes members with sensitive issues.

The secretary must grant the request if they believe there are special circumstances that justify doing so.

If the secretary refuses the request to restrict access, the member may apply to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) within 28 days for a review.

If the secretary refuses the request, they must:

  • notify the member in writing and include the reasons for the decision
  • not release the information without the member’s consent for at least 28 days after advising them of the decision, and:
    • the member has not asked VCAT to review the decision, or
    • VCAT has upheld the secretary's decision to release the information.

Sometimes, a member may want to send information relating to the association to another member, but access to that person’s contact details is restricted. In such cases, the member wanting to send the information should advise the secretary. The secretary must forward that material to the other member.