Delegates - Incorporated associations

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The role of a delegate is to help the secretary meet the association’s obligations under the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012.

A delegate may be the association’s accountant, solicitor or someone who can help the secretary meet the association’s administrative responsibilities.

An authorised delegate may:

  • lodge an application to incorporate an association
  • lodge an annual statement
  • change the association's name
  • change the association's rules
  • change the association's contact details
  • change the secretary's contact details
  • change their own contact details
  • add delegates (when there are fewer than three existing delegates)
  • remove other delegates.


Any delegates of an incorporated association must be authorised to be delegates by the association’s secretary. The secretary remains responsible for the association's compliance with the law. For more information, view Running an incorporated association.

When a delegate lodges an application, annual statement or update via myCAV, the delegate must be authorised to do so by the  association’s secretary.

When an incorporated association is registered, if the person lodging the application is not the secretary, they will become a delegate of the association automatically in myCAV. Once registered, the secretary can add delegates using their myCAV account, or existing delegates can add new delegates. 

Maximum number of delegates

An association may have up to three delegates. If an association has three delegates and an additional delegate is authorised, the secretary must remove one of the existing delegates from myCAV. The outgoing delegate will no longer have access to the association’s transactions.

Changing delegates

Use your myCAV account to change delegates. 

When an association changes a delegate in myCAV, the system sends email confirmation to the secretary and the delegate.

It is best practice to record any changes of secretary or delegate in the meeting minutes of the association.