'Cash price' and 'drive away price'

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When you are shopping for a car, be aware that car sellers will display a ‘cash’ price and a ‘total’ price on their vehicles.

For used cars, the price will be displayed on the Used motor car price and data sheet, attached to a side window, and does not include additional fees and charges.

Australian Consumer Law requires businesses to also provide consumers with a single prominent (or ‘total’) price for goods and services if they choose to show a particular component of a price in advertisements. This would usually be the ‘drive away’ price advertised on the front windscreen. Motor car traders are also required to list the total price in the Used motor car price and data sheet.

The total price is the total cost of the vehicle known to the seller at the time the car is advertised for sale. It must be displayed prominently. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) can provide further details on component pricing and motor vehicle advertising.