Service history and mechanical inspection

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Service history

Ask to see the vehicle's service history. Regular servicing by a qualified mechanic, according to the manufacturer's specifications, makes mechanical problems less likely. It may also give you clues about future servicing requirements. 

Mechanical inspection

Before you buy a used car, consider having it inspected by: 

  • the RACV's independent vehicle inspection service
  • a Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC) member, or
  • an independent qualified mechanic. 

If a licensed trader or private seller does not agree to this, consider not buying the car. If it is not possible to arrange an inspection when buying from a licensed trader, ensure your contract states: "the sale is conditional on the purchaser's satisfaction with an independent inspection report."

When you buy from a private seller, you have less legal protection than buying from a licensed trader. For instance, the car will not come with a statutory warranty. This means it is important to have the car mechanically inspected before you agree to buy it or pay a deposit.