Product safety checklist for markets

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The products sold at markets must comply with product safety requirements under the Australian Consumer Law.

Use this checklist if you sell new or used:

  • babies' and children's products (for example, toys, nursery items or bedroom furniture)
  • sports gear (for example, bicycles, exercise bikes, portable swimming pools or flotation equipment)
  • personal items (for example, cosmetics, sunglasses or hot water bottles)
  • homewares (for example, candles, beanbags, curtains or blinds)
  • car accessories (for example, car jacks, recovery/tow straps or luggage/ocky straps).

Visit the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission's Product Safety Australia website for a complete list of mandatory safety standards, banned products and recalled products.

Things to check:

1. Is there a mandatory safety standard for this type of product?

2. Has the product been recalled, or is there a permanent or interim ban on it?

3. Could this product pose risks such as choking, entrapment, skin or body reactions, burning or falls?

Electrical equipment

If you sell USB chargers, travel adaptors, power supplies/transformers or other electrical equipment, you must ensure these are approved by a recognised certification body and have a compliance mark or approval number. For more information, visit the Selling safe electrical appliances and equipment page on the Energy Safe Victoria website.