Director of Housing bond loans

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If you are a low income tenant/resident who may struggle to pay up-front rental costs and have no other financial options, you may be able to receive a bond loan from the Director of Housing (DoH). You must meet the eligibility criteria, which includes being a permanent Australian resident.

Depending on the circumstances, a DoH loan may cover:

  • the total bond value
  • part of the bond – you or another tenant pays the remaining amount.

How to apply

To check your eligibility and apply for a DoH bond loan, visit RentAssist bond loan - Housing Victoria.

DoH bond loans cannot be transferred to another person.

How to lodge

When you get a DoH bond loan voucher, check that the details are correct before giving it to your landlord or property manager. The landlord or property manager should check the details on the voucher, sign in to RTBA Online, and lodge the voucher with the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA). The RTBA will treat this voucher as a bond lodgement.

The RTBA treats DoH loans and private contributions as separate bonds, even when they relate to the same property. A separate bond lodgement or bond claim must be submitted to the RTBA for the different contributions.

Tenant or resident claims on a Director of Housing bond

When your tenancy ends, the RTBA will give the bond back to the DoH once it receives the completed bond claim from the landlord/property manager or owner. Your signature is not required.

If a bond claim form is not lodged, the DoH will not know that the tenancy or residency has ended, and the bond amount will remain as an outstanding debt against you.

Landlord/agent or owner claims on a Director of Housing bond

If a landlord/property manager wants to claim on a DoH bond loan, they must apply to the VCAT.

If a landlord/property manager wants to claim on a DoH bond loan, they must apply to VCAT.

For information, view Releasing or claiming the bond – landlords and owners

If VCAT orders the RTBA to pay the landlord/property manager all or part of the bond, the landlord/property manager must complete a bond claim form, attach a full copy of the VCAT order and send it to the RTBA. 

You must then pay the DoH the amount claimed by the landlord/property manager.

Bond claim forms can be generated through RTBA Online.