Landlord or agent's right to enter the property

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Privacy for rooming house and caravan park residents

Residents should be able to use the facilities of their caravan park, site under site agreement or rooming house without being bothered by other residents. This means that residents are not allowed to interrupt the privacy, peace and quiet of other occupants.

Likewise, owners must not unreasonably restrict or interfere with a resident’s privacy, peace and quiet or proper use and enjoyment of the rooming house or caravan park facilities.

Alleged misuse of a tenant or resident’s private information

Landlords or owners who collect personal information from the tenant may be bound by privacy laws. These place restrictions on how this information is passed on to third parties. If the tenant thinks their personal information is being misused, they should contact the Australian Information Commissioner on 1300 36 39 92 or visit the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner website.

Security of residents’ goods in rooming houses

Rooming house residents have the right to feel their property is secure. The owner must take all reasonable steps to ensure security for residents’ property, especially if rooms are shared. If you are a tenant and are concerned about the security of your property, you can Contact us.