Smoke alarms and fire safety - advice for tenants and residents

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Landlord's responsibilities

Smoke alarms must be installed in all Victorian homes, units, flats and townhouses. Landlords are responsible for fitting smoke alarms in rented properties.

Hard-wired smoke alarms with a battery back-up must be installed in all buildings constructed after 1 August 1997. Buildings constructed before that date can have a battery-powered smoke alarm.

Rooming houses (buildings where one or more rooms are available to rent, and four or more people in total can occupy those rooms) must have hard-wired smoke alarms; for more information, view our Minimum standards in rooming houses page.

For more information on testing, maintaining and replacing smoke alarms, visit Smoke alarms on Fire Rescue Victoria.

Tenants’ and residents’ responsibilities

Tenants or residents should:

  • not deactivate a smoke alarm or interfere with its operation in any way
  • notify the landlord or owner if a smoke alarm is faulty or not in working order.

When you move out, you should leave the premises, including smoke alarm batteries, in a similar state to when you moved in.

Fire safety

For information on smoke alarm safety for renters, visit Rental properties on Fire Rescue Victoria.

For information on fire safety, visit Home fire safety on Fire Rescue Victoria.

For information on electrical safety, including the safe use of power boards, visit the Electrical safety at home page on the Energy Safe Victoria website.