Swimming pools and spas - safety advice for tenants and residents

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Swimming pools and spas

If you are renting a property that has a pool or outdoor spa, check that the fence or safety barrier is secure for you and others who live at or visit the property (especially children). All doors and gates that provide access to a pool or spa must have self-closing and self-latching devices.

The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) recommends checking that:

  • self-closing and self-latching devices on pool and spa doors and gates work properly
  • gates are not misused by being propped open
  • there are no climbable objects (for example, tree branches, pool pumps or pot plants) near the safety barrier or fence
  • fences (especially boundary timber paling fences) are in good repair and cannot be climbed.

Tenants or residents should:

  • ensure all gates to the swimming pool or spa area are closed at all times, except when entering or leaving the area
  • notify the landlord or owner of any faults with pool or spa fences, doors or gates.

Owners of a pool or spa must:

  • register it with the local council
  • have the pool safety barrier inspected every four years
  • lodge a certificate with the council, confirming compliance of the pool or spa barrier.

For more information, visit the Swimming pools page on the VBA website.

Faulty fence or safety barrier

If there is a fault with the fence or barrier (including a gate or door) which causes it to be unsafe, it is an urgent repair. Contact your landlord or owner to arrange for it to be fixed immediately. For more information on requesting urgent repairs, view our Urgent repairs page.