Immediate notice - landlord or owner

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A landlord or owner can give immediate notice for reasons including:

  • malicious damage to a property by a tenant, resident or visitor
  • putting neighbours or other residents in danger (in a caravan park, only the caravan park owner can issue a notice for this reason)
  • partially or completely destroying the premises, or making the premises unfit to live in.

The landlord or owner must use an official notice to vacate (end the agreement and leave the property) form to give immediate notice:

On-site managers, rooming house owners, caravan park owners and site owners may also give a Notice to leave to resident of managed premises or resident's visitor (Word, 80KB) when a tenant, resident or visitor has been violent or is endangering the safety of another person on the premises.

If a notice to leave is served on a tenant, resident or visitor, that person must leave immediately and not return for two business days.

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