Uncollected or uncashed rental bonds (retained repayments)

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Repayments held by the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority

If you have not received a bond repayment, the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA) may be holding it on your behalf as a retained repayment. This may be because the bank details or a forwarding address were invalid or not provided on the bond claim form.

If your bond is retained, the RTBA will let you know via email, phone, forwarding address or, if no contact details are included in the bond claim, the last known address.

Claiming a retained repayment 

To search for and request a retained bond repayment:  

  1. log into the RTBA Online website (ensure pop ups are enabled) 
  2. select ‘Find outstanding bond repayment’ and accept the conditions
  3. search your name and select your name from the list
  4. enter in your current address and bank details, select ‘Finalise repayment request’ and generate the form
  5. print off the form, sign it, and enclose a copy of photo identification and proof of residence at your current address
  6. mail it to the RTBA following the instructions on the form.

Repayments transferred to unclaimed money

If a bond is unclaimed for more than 12 months, it will be transferred to the Victorian Unclaimed Money Register. Tenants should first search the outstanding repayment register on RTBA Online, then search for unclaimed money on the State Revenue Office website. If you identify a repayment that belongs to you, follow the instructions to complete an online application claim form.

Repayments issued by cheque and not received

If the RTBA has issued your bond repayment by cheque and you have not received it, you can generate a ‘stop cheque’ request through RTBA Online and have the repayment reissued to you.