Caravan park resident giving a notice of intention to vacate

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Caravan park residents who want to end their residential agreement must tell the park operator or caravan owner that they want to leave by giving them a written notice of intention to vacate.

Residents on fixed-term agreements must give 7 days' notice if they want to leave before the end date. However, they can leave earlier if the park operator or caravan owner agrees. Any agreement to leave early should be recorded in writing.

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Giving notice

Residents should use the Notice to owner of caravan or caravan park (Word, 728KB) form. The notice of intention to vacate must:

  • be signed by the resident or their representative
  • allow the correct amount of time to give the notice
  • state the date the resident will leave.

Delivering a notice

The notice to vacate must be delivered to the park owner, either by:

  • post
  • electronic communication (such as email)
  • hand (giving the notice personally to the owner).

If posting, allow for mail delivery times, which depend on:

  • your delivery method
  • where you’re mailing your notice from.

It is important to allow enough time for mail to be delivered if you are posting the notice. The Australia Post website can help calculate delivery times. If you think you might need proof that you’ve sent the notice you can use registered post.

How much notice is required

Residents must give 7 days’ notice to park operators or caravan owners that they intend to vacate.

If a resident’s caravan becomes unfit for human habitation or is destroyed to such an extent that it is unsafe, they can give notice to leave immediately.

If residents do not give notice

If a resident does not give notice or wants to end the agreement early, they may have to pay rent until the notice period expires or a new resident moves in (whichever happens first).

If a resident is experiencing family violence, or in cases of severe hardship, VCAT may end a residential agreement early without the resident having to pay rent or compensation.

Residents experiencing family violence

People experiencing family violence who need to change their rental agreement (lease) so that they or their children can be safe can apply to VCAT.

They can ask VCAT for an order so that the park owner:

  • gives them a new agreement
  • lets them leave before the agreement ends without having to pay fees.

Read more about changing or ending a rental agreement because of family violence.

Final meter readings

If there are separate meters for utilities, the renter should tell utility providers in advance the date they will be moving out, otherwise they may be charged for services after the vacate date.

Forms you might need

To give a park operator notice to vacate, use this form:

Sections of the Act

If you want to know what the law says about residents who leave caravan parks, you can read these sections of the Residential Tenancies Act 1997:

  • Section 162 – Resident's liability for electricity, gas and water charges
  • Section 206AB – Termination after notice
  • Section 206AC – Termination by agreement
  • Section 206AG – Application for termination or new agreement because of family violence or personal violence
  • Section 206AK – Notice of intention to vacate site or caravan
  • Section 206AL – Notice if caravan destroyed or unfit for habitation