Property manager's and tenant's guide - how to correct bond details submitted by paper

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Property managers and tenants can correct bond details which were submitted by paper. Corrections are for omissions or data entry errors.

Simply, look up your bond, select 'Correct bond details' from the menu bar and follow the prompts to send the request to the RTBA.

Follow the steps 1 to 4 below. These example screens are for tenants but property managers will see similar screens.

Note: An address cannot be changed to a different address. For email and mobile number changes use 'Update contact details' in the menu bar.

1.  Go to RTBA Online ( and 'Look Up Your Bond', enter the details and select 'Tenant'.

Look up your bond

2.  From the 'Bond Summary' screen, select 'Correct bond details' in the menu bar.

Bond summary

3.  Select 'Correct bond details' and follow the prompts to submit amendment requests for property details, tenant details or other details.

Correct bond details

4.  A confirmation screen will show you the detailed submitted to the RTBA.

Confirmation screen