Report an issue with an advertised rental property

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Prospective renters, real estate agents or members of the public can use our Report an issue with an advertised rental property form.

If you have concerns after visiting an open for inspection or seeing a property advertised online, you can report issues to us relating to:

  • images or descriptions used to advertise a property that may be misleading
  • a property that you have seen advertised that may be below rental minimum standard requirements.

You must provide evidence of the reported issue, such as photos or images of the property advertisement compared with the property upon inspection.

Use the ‘Report an issue with an advertised rental property’ button below to open the form.

Before using the form

Before starting the form, you will need the:

  • property address
  • business address of the estate agent or rental provider
  • name and contact details of the estate agent (where relevant).

Note: this form is only for properties currently available to rent. If you are already renting and want to raise an issue with the condition of the property, such as an urgent or non-urgent repair, please use the General enquiry form.

Report an issue with an advertised rental property

After submitting the form

It will be reviewed by our renting taskforce. We don’t make contact with everyone who makes a report. We may contact you for further information.