Specialist disability accommodation

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Specialist disability accommodation (SDA) is funded by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

To receive funding to live in SDA, residents must have either:

  • extreme functional impairment,
  • or very high support needs requiring specialist housing and support.

What do SDA providers and residents need to do?

Within six months of the new laws coming into effect, SDA residents and providers must have one of the following agreements in place:

  • a residential tenancy agreement (which gives the resident the same rights as anyone renting a standard rental property), or
  • an SDA residency agreement (which gives the resident extra rights and protections).


SDA providers must make sure their specialist disability accommodation:

  • meets National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) requirements, and
  • is enrolled with the NDIA ('SDA enrolled dwellings').


We will be providing support including:

  • Easy English versions of:
    • Part 12A SDA Residency agreements and Information statements
    • Part 2 Residential tenancy agreements
  • information so providers understand their obligations
  • help for SDA residents – and their guardians, administrators, family members, carers, advocates and anyone else providing support - to understand the resident’s rights and obligations
  • regular updates on SDA legislation

We will continue to inspect and assess accommodation for repairs and rent increases.