Ongoing charges when you leave a retirement village

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The retirement village operator can continue to charge you some fees and charges after you have left. 

The following legal rules apply if you signed your contract on or after 30 January 2006.

Personal services

You cannot be charged for personal services beyond 28 days after you leave the retirement village.

Maintenance charges - strata title owners

You will have to pay maintenance charges and owners corporation fees until the retirement village unit is sold, as you remain a member of the owners corporation until then.

Maintenance charges - non-strata title owners

If you are not a strata title owner, the retirement village operator cannot require you to pay maintenance charges beyond six months after you leave the retirement village.

During this six-month period, the retirement village must also stop levying maintenance charges when either:

  • the unit you have vacated is reoccupied
  • someone enters into a contract to occupy it.