Bobo&boo - Public warning

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14 June 2024
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Consumer Affairs Victoria Director Nicole Rich has issued a public warning concerning online retailer Bobo&boo Pty Ltd (ACN: 619 534 922), trading as bobo&boo, after a consumer reported one of its products breaking in a way potentially dangerous to a child.

The business is an online retailer that offers children’s dinnerware via its websites, and

The consumer reported that the tine of a bamboo fork from the Bamboo Dinnerware Set broke off in a child’s mouth while it was being used in its normal way.

Rich believes the current warning provided on the website’s product page is not sufficient, given the product may be unsafe even when used for its intended purpose.

She believes issuing this warning is in the public interest given tines that snap off in a child’s mouth pose a risk of cuts or choking to an infant or toddler.

People should be cautious when buying the Bamboo Dinnerware Set or continuing to use it. If you have experienced a similar incident after buying the set, and need further information or advice, please contact us.