Mandeep Johal - Court action

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19 April 2017
Court actions


On 22 March, 2017, Tasmania's Department of Justice cancelled Mr Johal's conveyancer's licence, after it found that Mr Johal's conduct did not meet the professional standards expected of a licensed conveyancer. The Director of Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading determined that Mr Johal had engaged in conduct that breached the Consumer Affairs Act 1998 (Tas), the Conveyancers Act 20014 (Tas) and the Conveyancers Regulations 2015 (Tas). Victoria's Business Licensing Authority has cancelled Mr Johal's licence as a consequence. Consumers should not enter into conveyancing agreements with Mr Johal, and contact us if they believe he is continuing to provide conveyancing services.

Consumer Affairs Victoria has previously taken action against Mr Johal. Read below to find out more:


Carlton conveyancer Mandeep Johal, 37, has been reprimanded and had conditions placed on his licence, by his and Consumer Affairs Victoria's consent, after the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal found he contravened the Conveyancers Act 2006.

Consumer Affairs Victoria applied for an inquiry into Mr Johal's conduct after receiving numerous complaints when he was trading as MM Conveyancing, Metropolitan Melbourne Conveyancing and Budget Conveyancing.

The tribunal found Mr Johal had contravened the Act and its associated regulations by failing to:

  • disclose a potential or actual conflict of interest relating to his conveyancing services
  • disclose the costs of conveyancing work to his clients, and including legally required information in his cost disclosures
  • notify the Business Licensing Authority of information required in his conveyancer's licence application
  • comply with the rules of conduct a conveyancer must adhere to under the law.

As part of the conditions placed on his licence, Mr Johal must:

  • install a voicemail and email notification advising clients that their telephone call or email will be responded to within 48 hours
  • implement and publish a complaint-handling procedure, have it audited every six months for three years, and provide a copy of the audit report to the Director within five days of receiving it.

Mr Johal was also ordered, by consent, to undertake an Advanced Diploma of Conveyancing at the Melbourne Polytechnic within nine months of the date of the tribunal's order, and to notify the Director of Consumer Affairs Victoria after successfully completing it.

Mr Johal was also ordered to pay a penalty of $1000 into the Victorian Property Fund.

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