ADG Windows Pty Ltd and John Stanley Heath - Court action

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2 November 2016
Court actions

Montmorency-based company ADG Windows (trading as Australian Double Glazing) and its sole director, John Stanley Heath, have been ordered to stop entering into agreements to supply windows and doors for the next five years, except on a payment on delivery basis.

The order was made at the Melbourne Magistrates' Court after Consumer Affairs Victoria took action in response to Mr Heath and his company’s failure to supply windows and doors within timeframes specified in their contracts.

For the next five years, they may only supply windows and doors on a pay-on-delivery basis, and when the customer is satisfied with the quality of goods they have received.

We took action against ADG Windows (ACN: 166 098 273) and Mr Heath after receiving more than 100 complaints about them between May 2015 and June 2016. 

Mr Heath has also been disqualified from managing any corporation or business for the next five years. He was also ordered to pay costs of $1,388. 

Mr Heath and ADG Windows have been restrained, for the same period, from:

  • knowingly authorising or permitting any further contraventions of the Australian Consumer Law (Victoria)
  • knowingly authorising or permitting any breaches of these orders, and
  • being involved in any breaches of these court orders.

Mr Heath and ADG Windows did not contest the proceeding.

These orders follow interim injunctions granted by the court in August 2016.

In May, we issued a public warning about the conduct of ADG Windows. For more, view our ADG Windows Pty Ltd - Public warning page.