Curtain and blind cord safety

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13 October 2022
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Are your curtain and blind cords safe?

Looped curtain and blind cords can strangle children - particularly infants - who become entangled after reaching for them from the floor, windowsills, or furniture.

Tragically, unsecured cords claim the lives of one or two Australian children every year.

Making your home safe - what you can do

Make curtain and blind cords safer by installing a curtain and blind cord safety kit. These kits tension the cord – greatly reducing a child’s chance of getting entangled. You can order a free kit from us or buy one at a hardware store.

Check all rooms for blinds or curtains with long cords that are either loose or looped. This includes any within a child’s reach, at floor level or near furniture they can climb on.

It’s particularly important to check older curtains and blinds, dating from before mandatory safety standards were introduced in 2010.

Important notice for renters

If you are a renter, you don’t need to seek your rental provider’s permission to install curtain and blind cord safety kits.

Buying and installing new curtains or blinds

When you’re buying new curtains or blinds, ensure they have safety design features which enable long cords to be secured.

If you pay to have new curtains or blinds with cords installed, the installer must attach a label to it with their name and details. The label must not be removed.

For more information, visit Product Safety Australia.