Gifts King Import Pty Ltd - Court action

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22 July 2013
Court actions

Melbourne Magistrates’ Court has ordered the destruction of more than 7000 banned flammable candle holders seized by Consumer Affairs Victoria from a Moorabbin importer and wholesaler.

The ‘Musical Birthday Sparkling Candles’ were seized from Gifts King Import Pty Ltd by our inspectors during a compliance visit in January. Tests confirmed that they did not comply with a permanent ban order on combustible candles.

The candles were objects designed to hold or decorate candles but were found to ignite and burn within five seconds of exposure to a flame or heat.

The court ordered that Gifts King Import Pty Ltd pay a $500 contribution to the Director’s costs and $500 to the Director of Consumer Affairs Victoria for the storage and destruction of the seized goods.

View the court order, including images of the banned candles: Director of Consumer Affairs Victoria v Gifts King Import Pty Ltd (Word, 3.7MB).

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