Mahercorp – advice for consumers

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18 May 2023
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Consumer Affairs Victoria is aware that residential builder Mahercorp has made a financial offer to customers regarding an increase to the price of its domestic building contracts.

Mahercorp, which went into administration on 21 April, is the parent company of Urbanedge Homes and Eight Homes.

The company has advised customers that they must agree to a contract price increase, along with other changes to contract terms, for their build to be completed.

If you are a customer, you are not obliged to accept this offer and should seek financial and legal advice about the pros and cons before doing so.

The company's appointed administrator, Cor Cordis, also has advice for Mahercorp customers.
Customers can also contact the administrator via email ( or phone (8320 5656).

The building industry is currently facing supply shortages which are affecting projects and contract prices. For further information about negotiating with your builder, see our home building projects page.

We understand this will be a stressful time for Mahercorp customers. Consumer Affairs Victoria will continue to monitor this situation closely to ensure impacted consumers are aware of their options.