Marina Dankovic (aka Marina Dawson and Marina Loprese) - Public warning

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14 July 2011
Public warnings

Public Warning issued under Section 223 of the Australian Consumer Law 

The Director of Consumer Affairs Victoria has issued a Public Warning notice to consumers about the business practices of Ms Marina Dankovic (also known as Marina Dawson and Marina Loprese), trading, among other names, as Marina’s Conveyancing. 

Ms Dankovic is an unlicensed conveyancer and has engaged in unlicensed conveyancing from various addresses in Footscray and Sunshine.

The Director of Consumer Affairs Victoria has received a number of complaints from clients and other people who dealt with Ms Dankovic, who allege that in the course of promoting or providing conveyancing services to them, Ms Dankovic misrepresented that she was a lawyer or legally qualified and was a licensed conveyancer.

In addition, Ms Dankovic misappropriated money entrusted to her by clients to pay stamp duty on their property, drew unauthorised cheques in her own name against a client’s mortgage account and has not returned title deeds and other original documents to several other clients. 

In addition, Victoria Police have laid several charges against Ms Dankovic for dishonesty offences including obtaining property by deception, making use of false documents and for breaching her bail conditions. 

“Given the nature of their work, conveyancers are in a position of trust with regard to their clients. It is very easy for criminals and other unscrupulous people to take advantage of that position. Consumers are urged to ensure that the person they engage to carry out the conveyancing work for the purchase or sale of their family home or other property is properly licensed,” Dr Claire Noone, the Director of Consumer Affairs Victoria warns. 

The Business Licensing Authority maintains a register of licensed conveyancers. You can conduct a free search of the register by viewing our Conveyancers public register page.